About The Black Fork Review


The Black Fork River has wound its way through Richland and Ashland counties for centuries. The river is vital to the ecosystem of Mohican State Park as it joins with Clear Fork River to form the Mohican River in Ashland. Its natural beauty and longevity, as well as its availability to Ashland University’s science programs, served as inspiration for the title of The Black Fork Review.

The Black Fork Review was assembled by a team of editors within Ashland University’s English Department and MFA Program during the Spring of 2019. The poetry and prose featured in this journal are by AU students (both undergraduate and MFA), faculty, and alumni. Our team intends to expand into the broader literary community in the future.

The Black Fork Review is housed in the MFA and Publications Office at Ashland University and is supported by the MFA in Creative Writing, the Ashland Poetry Press, and the English Department.