Jeff Knorr


California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation:
Dial 1 to be Connected to Visiting

I would just like to hold you, the way
I might hold a horse in the pasture

Please listen carefully: for instructions in English Press one
para Español oprima dos

I listen for your voice in hushes deep as lakes.

Please listen carefully or visit our website
as rules and regulations have changed
for visitation and acceptable clothing

I will wear or not wear whatever they tell me
and your grandmother has gone down the road
to Walmart for a new bra without an underwire.

If you would like to speak to a representative
stay on the line or visit the VPASS portal
on the CDCR website to make a visiting appointment

Ok, Saturdays at 10:30, it’s scheduled,
we’ll count each visit like marbles that roll away.